306 Eaton Aeroquip Low Pressure Hose MIL-DTL-5593

306 Low Pressure Hose

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Max Oper PSI

Min Burst PSI

Min Bend


306-2 .125 .344  300 2000 2.00 .004
306-3 .188 .406 250 1700 2.00 .005
306-4 .250 .469 200 1250 4.00 .006
306-6 .375 .594 150 1000 4.00 .008
306-8 .500 .750 150 750 6.00 .012
306-10 .625 .875 150 750 6.00 .014

Sizes in Inches, Weight in pounds. 

     Inner Tube: Seamless Synthetic Rubber Compound
     Reinforcement: Single Cotton Braid
     Outer Cover: Synthetic Rubber Cover 

Operating Temperatures:
     -65 F to +160 F
     -53 C to +71 C


Black cover with linear yellow indicator stripe interspersed with the symbol "LP", hose manufacturer's code, size, and date of manufacture (Quarter Year/Year). Spaced 180 degrees from this is 'Aeroquip 306" in a white stripe. Markings repeated six inches apart.


Air or vacuum instrument systems, automatic pilots and lines to pressure gauges used with these systems as specified in MS33620. Hose assemblies conform to AN6270. Hose conforms to MIL-DTL-5593. Fittings conform to MIL-DTL-38726 and MS27404. Supersedes AN773

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