About Us

AircraftHoseStore.com is a website by Specialty Hose Aerospace Corp.
North Canton, Ohio, United States of America

Specialty Hose Aerospace Corporation
Phone: 888-275-3586
Fax: 330-497-0415
7800 Freedom Avenue NW
North Canton, Ohio 44720-6978
Cage Code 1S353
The Specialty Hose Crew
Specialty Hose Aerospace is located just a few minutes from the Akron-Canton Regional Airport (Charley Alpha Kilo N 40’-55.0” W 08‘-26.5”). Down the road a ways, you’ll find good eating places where some of our best ideas have been doodled on paper napkins while sharing a cup of coffee and apple pie with pilots, mechanics, and fixed-base operators. That should give you some idea of what we are all about. Instead of just a phone number we’re real people like you. With one thing in common, we love aviation.