How to Measure an Aircraft Hose

Specialty Hose knows measuring hose isn’t intuitive, but we are here to help you get back in the air as soon as possible! With correct measurements and you can get the correct hose assemblies fast and easy.

When measuring for length, hose assemblies are measured from seat to seat not end to end. For flared fittings this means you have to measure from the end of the flare or your hose will be too long! If you have a question about another fitting type just give us a call.

 When faced with an elbow fitting just measure from the Center of the Seat.

If you have 2 elbows on a hose assembly you will also need to assess the angle orientation (Phase Angle). Just look down the length of the hose with one elbow pointing down and measure the orientation of the other elbow in degrees counterclockwise.



If you don’t have a thread gage, most of the time a hex wrench can be used to help identify the fitting nut size. Let us know if you would like one of our free tool box magnets with a handy sizing and measuring guide! Just remember always measure both ends!

Wrench Size









Standard "B" Nut Size










Measuring your hose and using is just one way to buy from us.

Please give us a call at 888-275-3586 if you have any questions.