Hose Kits

How to order your Aircraft Hose Kit

• Good: Purchase with information on lengths, end fitting configurations, and hose type details for each assembly by email, phone, or here with our Assembly Generators. We are happy to help you through this process.

• Better: Provide part numbers from the metal tags on your existing hoses.

• Best: Send us your old hose and we will duplicate it.

Myths about Generic Hose Kits

Myth: Hoses can be easily ordered correctly by providing an aircraft make, model, and serial number.
Reality: There are many generic hose kits listed. Some of these hose kits are produced by hose manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, hose shops, and private parties. Specialty hose has over 500 such kits listed in our database. In our 40+ of experience, we have found these kits are not 100% accurate. When you think you’re saving time and money by ordering a generic kit, the majority of the time, you will not receive the correct hoses to fit your aircraft. Those hose kits will cost you more time and money.

Myth: I will receive all the hoses for my aircraft when I order a generic hose kit.
Reality: There is a high probability that you will not receive all the hoses for your aircraft in a generic hose kit because these hose kits can be broken down into several categories. Some kits will contain only engine hoses. Others will also contain airframe hoses. Some generic engine hose kits might contain hoses that have an aircraft manufacturer’s part number, but not the engine manufacturer’s hoses. When overhauling or replacing an engine, sometimes, the overhaul shop or engine manufacturer may include some hoses and the hoses you have received in your kit may be duplicates. Confusing, right? Therefore, it is rare you will find a generic hose kit containing exactly what you need. By the way, your parts catalog can be just as wrong.

Myth: All aircraft of a particular make and model have the same hoses.
Reality: Almost no aircraft of the same make and model have the same hoses. In many cases, aircraft have been modified over the years. Sometimes these modifications can include retrofitted oil filters, fuel transducers, air conditioning, and other hardware. Often, aircraft without any modifications have hoses that have been re-routed by various mechanics and maintenance personnel over the years. Aircraft are typically manufactured in short production runs. Hose configurations can change frequently between serial numbers, even with the same make and model aircraft. Even the Parts Catalog for the designated aircraft is not always a reliable source for accurate hose information.

Myth: Hose kits are already built and sitting on somebody’s shelf for immediate shipment.
Reality: Hose shops stock bulk hose and fittings and make assemblies as required. Ordering a generic hose kit isn’t normally going to change the time it takes to ship your order because the hoses still must be fabricated.

Ordering a generic hose kit takes longer, costs more money, and frequently involves returns. For an aircraft owner this only adds to your frustration and down time, it is our goal to get you back in the air as soon as possible.