AE466 Eaton Aeroquip Medium Pressure Integral Silicone Firesleeve Hose

AE466 Integral Silicone Firesleeve Medium Pressure Hose 

Note: Images are representative of the series of hose and may show incorrect pressure or other lay-line information.
AE466 Hose supports a vacuum of 28 inches Hg / 711 mm Hg. AE466-12 requires an internal support coil to achieve max vacuum rating.




Max Oper PSI

Min Burst PSI

Min Bend


AE466-3 .125 .567 1500 12000 1.50 .176
AE466-4 .173 .640 1500 12000 2.00 .22
AE466-5 .235 .702 1500 10000 2.00 .27
AE466-6 .298 .765 1500 9000 4.00 .292
AE466-8 .319 .890 1500 8000 4.62 .385
AE466-10 .485 .979 1500 7000 5.50 .451
AE466-12 .615 1.104 1000 5000 6.50 .534
AE466-16 .815 1.424 1250 5000 7.38 .924

Sizes in Inches, Weight in pounds. Min burst at room temperature.

     Inner Tube: PTFE inner tube
     Reinforcement & Outer Cover: Type 300 Series double stainless steel wire braid (2 braids) and thick integral silicone cover. 

Operating Temperatures:
     -65 F to +450 F
     -54 C to +232 C


Stamped 'Aeoquip' and "AE466-size" impression in outer silicon cover.


Eaton's Aeroquip integral silicone firesleeves on PTFE hose assemblies is a combination that meets the fire test requirements of TSO-C53A Type D and TSO-C75 Type III A and III B. 

The silicone firesleeve is applied directly onto the metal braid and fittings to form a smooth, tight bond. 

Advantages of Integral Silicone Firesleeve

  • The silicone sleeve is asbestos-free
  • Adheres directly to hose
  • Smaller envelope for a neater appearance
  • Hose flexibility is not impaired
  • Non-age sensitive for extra-long shelf life
  • Lightweight
  • Eliminates the use of band clamps
  • Eliminates fluid "wicking"
  • Manufactured in long lengths
  • Excellent chafe resistance

Eaton's Aeroquip AE466 medium pressure PTFE hose may be used for all hydrocarbon fuel systems at pressures to 600 psi without qualification. The rate of effusion of gasses and resistance to capillary leakage of fluid through the hose lines is controlled by a patented extrusion method used to produce PTFE hose liners. 

Used in hydraulic and pneumatic applications at pressures up to 1500psi. The hose is unaffected by all fuels, oils, alcohols, coolants, or solvents commonly used in aircraft. In addition, it is inert to acids both concentrated and diluted.

The method of construction of Eaton's Aeroquip PTFE hoses results in a lower volumetric expansion than any elastomer hose. This assures maximum response efficiency in ballistics ejection systems, and brake systems, where there can be no softness under shock load. 

Inherent resiliency and toughness are ensured in the extruded tube by close control of factors affecting crystallinity. Additional structural strength is supplied in Eaton's Aeroquip PTFE hose by the tightly braided stainless steel wire reinforcement. The result is a lightweight hose able to withstand prolonged flexing and vibration under all service conditions. 

PFTE hose has essentially zero moisture absorptions. This together with its chemical inertness and anti-adhesive characteristics makes it ideal for missile fluid systems where non-contamination and cleanliness are so essential, and for pneumatic systems when maintenance of low dew point is necessary. 


For AE466 Fittings, visit [AE240/66/667/AE466 Fittings Page]



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